Capacity : 5 Liter Atomizing: 30-50 ml/min

Max. Height : 390mm, Weight : 8.5 kg. (Approx.)
Sareen Surgical Products Atomizing Capacity : 30-50 ml/min.
Sareen Surgical Products Also available with “Timer”.

4,100.00 5,200.00

The portable handy and easy to operate unit can be handled by any staff member or even a room boy.

Sareen Surgical Products Fumigator converts formalin in to Aerosol from which is 100% biocidol with an adequate of penetrability to destroy every spores.
Sareen Surgical Products Fumigator works with an amazing quickness.
Sareen Surgical Products Its powerful mechanism instantly converts liquid formalin into true aerosol particles
Sareen Surgical Products There is virtually no maintenance required.
Sareen Surgical Products Every Fumigator passes through stringent quality control tests at various stages of manufacturing before it reaches the end customer.

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